solar power and HVAC

You’ve probably done all you can to make your home more efficient so you can keep your expenses for summertime cooling down. But what if you could augment your cooling efforts with solar power, gathered from our generally sunny summer skies, and save still more on your bills? Why wouldn’t you do it? Read on and learn how solar power and HVAC can play a role in making your home more efficient.

The Cost of Air Conditioning

Indiana may not have the hottest summers in the nation, but they’re sure hot and humid enough to require air conditioning.

You’re likely one of millions of homeowners who spend $11 billion annually on air conditioning, or for you personally, $300 a year on average. Not to mention that air conditioning comes with a terrible cost to the environment, as it releases about 140 million tons of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas every year.

Solar Power and HVAC Solutions

Many HVAC companies are developing an expertise in pairing solar energy with air conditioning. The idea is to combine solar-ready cooling units and solar roof modules. These solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) ACs capture solar energy with solar panels on the roof. The energy is converted into electricity to power the components of a split system AC.

Otherwise, most of us homeowners will have to wait a bit for other types of solar-powered air conditioners, as they are not yet on the market. But here’s a taste of what’s coming in the world of solar power and HVAC:

  1. Solar thermal systems. After capturing solar energy on a plate, the system uses the energy to turn an electric generator, which powers the air conditioner’s condenser.
  2. Absorption chillers. Absorption chillers use solar power from solar panels. The solar energy drives the compressor motor and fan in systems that use evaporation and condensation to generate cool air.

On days when there’s no sun, these systems can draw on a battery array to get power. This power comes from excess energy collected by solar panels.

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