What it Means to Have a Properly Matched SystemFor optimum cooling performance and efficiency, a properly matched system is critical. A central air conditioner actually consists of two very separate halves that make up the whole system. The indoor unit, called the air handler, incorporates the system evaporator coil and the blower fan. The unit located outdoors, usually next to or behind the house, contains the condenser coil and fan as well as the compressor. These halves are linked by lines that continuously circulate refrigerant.

Though located apart, they are made to work together as a matched set. Replacing only one half of the system while retaining the older, other half is false economy and inevitably leads to negative results. Here are some reasons why:

A/C coils are a matched set.

The indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil are designed and engineered to share very exact specifications. Installing only a new outdoor condenser coil, for example, creates a mismatch with the existing older indoor evaporator coil. The outcome will likely be very poor cooling performance instead of the improvement you are expecting.

Efficiency will decline.

The federal energy efficiency rating of your air conditioner assumes that the system incorporates matched components as originally manufactured. If one new coil is mixed into an older system–for example, by replacing only the indoor or outdoor unit alone–the end result will often be worse energy efficiency and higher operating costs than the original system.

Older components will fail earlier.

If only one half of the system is replaced, the older half will still have the accumulated wear and tear of years of operation. Therefore, it will likely fail before the newer half, requiring yet another replacement mismatch.

Your warranty may be voided.

Many manufacturers of central A/C systems will not provide warranty service if half of the system has been replaced. The remaining original system components will no longer be covered by the original warranty and costs of repairs due to mismatched components will fall entirely on the homeowner.

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