In the cold, Indiana winter, you’d be lost without your heating system. What do you really know about it, though? How does it work? Here’s a brief tutorial to help you understand your system better and increase your heater knowledge.

Heater Knowledge About Forced-Air Systems

This is the most common type of home heating. In a forced-air furnace, heated natural gas moves through a metal heat exchanger. The heated metal warms the air circulating around the exchanger, which is then blown throughout your home via your ductwork and vents. The exchanger also creates exhaust, which is vented out of the house.

The more efficient the furnace, the more heat and the less exhaust there is. The most efficient systems are condensing furnaces. They use a second heat exchanger to extract heat from the exhaust, so there’s almost no wasted energy. Condensing furnaces are generally more than 90% efficient.

Another type of forced-air system is the heat pump. This is essentially an air conditioner in reverse. When your AC extracts heat from your home’s air, it’s vented outside. A heat pump simply does the opposite, extracting heat from the outdoor air and venting it into your home. It becomes less efficient in extreme cold, as there’s less heat in the air to extract. However, in milder weather, heat pumps are a great energy saver.

Heater Knowledge About Radiant Systems

With radiant heat, rather than heating the air, the heating element distributes heat to your home directly. There are several types of radiant systems. If you have an older home, you may have a boiler. The boiler heats water, which goes to a radiator. The radiator uses that heat to warm your home.

A more modern option is radiant-floor heat. A system of tubing is installed beneath the floor and heated water is pumped through it. Since heat rises, heating the floor first allows for more even heat distribution throughout your home while also saving energy.

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