What is Causing Your HVAC Noise? Common Problems and How to Solve ThemIt’s normal to hear some noise when your HVAC system is running. You’re likely used to the sound of air moving the ducts, or the hum of the fan motor. However, unusual or loud HVAC noise is both disturbing and annoying. Fortunately, there are effective ways to solve common noises like these:

Banging and Popping Sounds

Pops and bangs coming from the air ducts aren’t unusual because of the natural expansion and contraction of the metal caused by normal pressure/temperature changes. If the sound is too loud, an HVAC technician can pinpoint where it’s coming from and take steps to solve it, such as:

  • Repairing damage or sags in the ducting runs
  • Sealing accessible ductwork, then adding a noise-dampening insulation wrap
  • Installing baffle-equipped duct silencers
  • Position insulated spacers between any ducts installed too close to framing members

Air Whooshing Noises

If your air vents make a loud “whooshing” sound every time the blower cycles on, it may be more than just an annoyance. This HVAC noise is a sign of excessively high static pressure in the HVAC system, which can cause airflow restrictions that damage components and shorten their lifespan. A technician can do various tests to identify the cause, then take the measures necessary to fix the problem, such as:

  • Adjusting the fan speed
  • Replacing any undersized ductwork
  • Increasing the amount of return airflow
  • Installing high flow air vents and return grilles
  • Redesigning some or all of the duct system

Bad Vibration Noise

A vibrating blower fan can shake the entire air handler unit, and send the vibrations through the ductwork, which results in rattling sounds coming from your air vents. After checking the fan’s condition, an HVAC technician can advise you about different options to reduce the noise, such as adding rubberized anti-vibration mounts or pads, or installing a noise-reducing wrap.

These sound-dampening measures can also be used to quiet a loud outdoor unit, so your family can enjoy the backyard, patio or deck again without excessive nuisance noise.

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