What HVAC Brand Should You Buy?The reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system affects your comfort level and your energy bills. If your heating and cooling equipment is getting on in age and you’re wisely looking into your replacement options, you’ll want to compare different HVAC brands. Learning about some of the best brands on the market in terms of efficiency, durability and value is a good place to start, so here are three to consider:


The Lennox brand was founded in 1895, and has since built a reputation for their energy efficient heating and cooling equipment. Year after year, Lennox focuses on improving the efficiency of its products. Today, the company’s cooling systems are among the most efficient available, with some of the industry’s highest seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings. While the products built by Lennox are priced higher than some other brands, you can expect to recoup that extra cost through energy savings over the equipment’s lifespan.

American Standard

Ingersoll Rand owns both American Standard and its identical-twin brand Trane, and both are known for the reliability of their heating and cooling products. The two brands are manufactured at the same Texas facilities, and are fairly comparable in price. American Standard and Trane products often cost more up front than other brands on the market, but they don’t break down often, so the savings on repair bills ensures good value.


Goodman is a Texas-based brand that was founded in 1975. Its parent company, Goodman Global, also offers a higher-priced Amana product line, and the two brands share many of the same components. Although the company doesn’t have the lengthy history of Lennox, American Standard or Trane, they offer durable, basic HVAC equipment at a reasonable price point, and provide good warranty coverage.

Regardless of what HVAC brand you choose, hiring an experienced contractor who can size your new equipment accurately and install it correctly is crucial for its performance, efficiency and longevity.

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