Airflow and Air Purifiers

Summer is coming and the temperature is on its way up. An AC is essential to keep you and your family cool, but did you know that an air purifier can help with the heat as well? There are a number of things air purifiers can do for you in warmer weather.

Airflow and Air Purifiers

One of the most important keys to managing the heat during the summer is air circulation. Air purifiers don’t necessarily make the air itself cooler, but by keeping the air moving, they can make it feel cooler.

In order for air purifiers to be effective, though, it’s important to have the right kind of air purifier. Purifiers that move the air in an outward direction will create a breeze that feels cool on your skin, similar to the way a fan operates. This is due to the windchill factor.

On the other hand, a purifier that moves the air in an upward direction is better in winter. Hot air rises, so expelling air upward will help displace that hot air and distribute it more evenly throughout your home. This is the same principle behind changing the direction of your ceiling fans in winter to improve heating efficiency.

Heat and Contaminants

Certain pollutants are exacerbated by warmer temperatures. The sunlight creates a chemical reaction that produces ozone, which causes respiratory problems. Additionally, the hotter air tends to be concentrated around the contaminants and impurities. An air purifier can make the air feel cooler by helping to eliminate those contaminants.

That’s an air purifier’s main job: to get harmful pollutants out of the air to help you breathe more easily. However, did you know that improving your breathing can also help make you cooler? Better breathing leads to better blood circulation. Better blood circulation helps you regulate your body temperature more effectively. In hot weather, your breathing can become more laborious and require more energy. An air purifier can help keep you healthier and cooler.

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