top plumbing issues

Knowing the top plumbing issues that homeowners are likely to encounter may help you avoid being taken by surprise if you encounter one of these plumping episodes. When you consider that the average home typically incorporates between 300 and 500 feet of cold or hot water piping, as well as all the various fixtures connected to those pipes, it’s no surprise that things may go wrong.

Here are five of the top plumbing issues that range from minor annoyance to (potentially) major damage.

  • Drippy faucets. It’s the common cold of the top plumbing issues. Over a year’s time, a one-drip-per-second faucet can waste about 3,000 gallons of water. It could be simply a worn, rubber faucet washer or O-ring, or it could be due to metal corrosion inside the faucet.
  • Running toilet. That repetitive on/off hiss of water running in the bathroom is the sound of about 200 gallons of wasted water going down the drain daily. Frequently, the cause is simply a worn-out rubber flapper valve in the toilet tank that no longer seals properly.
  • Low water pressure. Corrosion or mineral deposits narrowing supply pipes may obstruct water flow. Or, unseen leakage from water-supply lines may be occurring somewhere inside or underneath the house. Another possibility: Make sure the main water-supply valve to the house is fully open.
  • Slow drains. A single slow drain is usually an accumulation of soap residue, hair, or other clogging material in the trap under the sink. A commercial drain cleaner may clear it. If multiple drains throughout the home run slow, you may have a clog deeper inside the main household drain pipe or even in the sewer line. In this case, you need a plumber.
  • Leaking supply lines. Minor leakage from water-supply pipes is often the early warning of an impending pipe rupture that could inflict major damage and expense. A broken pipe can release hundreds of gallons of water into the home per hour. Don’t ignore signs of leaks or seepage from supply pipes. Contact a plumber immediately.

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