Shopping for a new HVAC system can be a challenge. There are so many options to choose from! Even if you know exactly what features you want, you still need to find the right brand for your needs. Which ones are the best quality, the most affordable, and the most reliable? Here are our picks for best HVAC brands on the market.

  • Lennox. If you’re looking for energy efficiency, Lennox is the way to go when it comes to HVAC brands. They partner with Energy Star to make some of the most efficient products available, such as ACs with SEER ratings up to 28. Their models tend to be mid-range in price, and they come with a variety of features, such as smart thermostats and humidity control, making them a great value for the money.
  • Goodman. If you’re on a budget, Goodman offers a variety of more affordable models that are still durable, quality products that will continue operating efficiently for years to come. They come with features that protect the coils from dirt and grime, so they maintain their performance without needing to be cleaned as often. The only drawback is that they don’t have their own certified installer network, so if you purchase one, check with your HVAC contractor to make sure they’re NATE-certified to do the job properly.
  • Trane. What sets Trane apart among HVAC brands is one of the best warranties you can find. In addition to the standard 10-year parts-and-labor warranty, they also have a separate, 12-year warranty for their compressors. They also have a mobile app that lets you integrate your system with your smartphone for increased control over your comfort level.
  • York. York is known for its variable-speed HVAC systems that are perfect for zoning. Their best models can handle up to eight different zones. The variable-speed air handler also allows you to adjust performance based on outdoor temperatures, so you can have less air on milder days, increasing comfort and saving energy.

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