Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means: beaches, barbecues, and … plumbing problems. While drains can become clogged year-round, some of the most common plumbing issues occur in the summertime. Here are a few common plumbing issues to expect and how to avoid them.

  • Clogged toilet. When your children are home during the day instead of at school, your toilets see more use, which naturally means a greater chance of clogging, which is one of the most common plumbing issues. Keep a plunger nearby and teach your kids the importance of using less toilet paper.
  • Backed-up sewer line. If you have trees with large root systems, they can put pressure on your sewer pipes, causing them to crack. Then during the Indianapolis summer rainstorms, warm water enters the pipes through the cracks, causing them to back up. There’s nothing you can do about the rain, but to keep your pipes from cracking, pour root killer down the toilet every six months.
  • Clogged garbage disposal. Do you plan on hosting any pool parties or backyard barbecues? That typically means a lot of food prep, which means a lot of food waste. If you’re putting that food down the garbage disposal, it can cause problems, particularly if it includes watermelon rinds, corn cobs, and similar hard food scraps. Avoid putting grease or oil down the disposal as well.
  • Sprinkler problems. When the weather gets warmer, your sprinklers see more use. Inspect and clean each sprinkler head in the springtime to make sure they’re working properly, and when mowing your lawn, be careful to not hit or damage any of the heads. This will prevent most sprinkler issues.
  • Slow shower drain. Your family comes home from the beach covered in sand and dirt. This debris immediately goes down the drain when you shower, causing it to clog. Be sure everyone rinses off thoroughly before they come home, and check the shower’s drain cover regularly to remove any foreign objects.

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