I write to let you know of the fine work done by your employee, Mr. Tim McLain, in repairing and cleaning our house sewer. 

The job was both exploratory, and an attempt to rout out our house sewer.  Although Mr. McLain was not able to rout out our sewer, it was not for lack of trying.  He worked for more than 3 hours trying to rout our sewer.  He had to work in a cramped space in our basement, repeatedly fighting off leg cramps while doing so,  Although he was not successful, when he was done, I knew that it was not possible to clean our sewer from that access point.

The second part of the job was to manually dig 5 feet down, in an area normally part of our back deck, to replace the cleanout just outside our house foundation.  I knew this cleanout needed to be replaced, as it was a tee rather than a sweep, and therefore not really useable.  Once Mr. McLain exposed our sewer and broke into it, he was able to rout it out.  It was slow going, requiring repeated routings using successively larger diameter cutting heads.  He then televised our sewer, finding that though it’s old vitrified clay, that it was still in good shape.  That in itself was impressive …and not just because of the effort involved.  I’m an engineer familiar with sewers and sewer issues.  But if Mr. McLain had told me my sewer needed to be replaced, I likely would not have known otherwise.  I appreciate his honesty.  It reflects well on him, and your company.  And it saved me at least $4000, and a torn up back yard.  He left our deck area, and our back yard as clean as humanly possible.  That was much appreciated too.  It was happenstance that I called Mowery…there were several local plumbers with listings in our local Yellow Pages.  But based on Mr. McLain’s honesty, intelligence and effort, we will be regular Mowery customers in the future, and not just for plumbing.

                                                                                                Howard C.

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