It’s the wise homeowner who knows how to conserve heat and save money on their utility bill. The first impulse when you feel chilly may be to turn up the thermostat, but there are a number of other things you can do that won’t cost you as much and will actually help you feel warmer and let you conserve heat. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Let the sunshine in. Opening the drapes, blinds, or window shades and letting in the sunlight can warm up your house for free. Open the window coverings in the morning and let the sunshine in. Some homeowners go for automated window coverings that open and close automatically.
  2. Seal doors and windows and any cracks that let in cold air. Cracks around doors and windows and in other key places — such as along baseboards, through recessed lighting, and through holes in exterior walls for pipes, cables, and wires — will allow cold air to get inside the home and let warm air out. Use insulation, weatherstripping, and caulk to fill any holes or cracks. 
  3. Use more rugs or carpeting. Rugs and carpet will help hold onto warmth. Use more rugs liberally, especially in the rooms where you spend more time.
  4. Keep your furnace in good repair. Always schedule preventative maintenance for the furnace so that it runs properly throughout the fall and winter. Make sure that repairs are done as soon as your HVAC tech finds potential breakdowns. Keeping the furnace in good repair will improve airflow and efficiency, reducing your utility bill and helping you conserve heat. 
  5. Change your air filter regularly. A clean air filter will ensure that your HVAC system runs more efficiently and with good airflow. Your heating system will warm your house more effectively so that you needn’t turn up the thermostat.
  6. Use space heaters strategically. At times, you may need to run a space heater to warm up cold spots in your home. Fortunately, today’s space heaters are much more efficient than they used to be. 

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