Ways to Promote Energy Efficiency for Earth DayEarth Day, April 22, honors the birth of the environmental movement that began in 1970. Promoting HVAC efficiency is an great way to celebrate the day, since this one system can account for almost half of your Indianapolis home’s total energy use. Here are some effective ways to save:

Upgrade Your Older Equipment

If your cooling equipment is more than 15 years old, the combination of a low SEER rating and age-related decline in overall HVAC efficiency can waste energy. The efficient Energy Star-rated models available today have ratings of SEER 20 or above, and offer energy-saving options like variable-speed blowers and smart controls.

Monitor Your Air Filter

When your HVAC operates with a dirty filter, it works harder and uses more energy. On average, filters should be changed at least every 90 days, but they may require replacement sooner. To prevent any needless loss of HVAC efficiency, it’s best to check your filter monthly and put in a fresh one if you see any sign of dirt build up.

Keep Your HVAC Well Maintained

If your equipment isn’t due for replacement, make sure it’s primed to run at maximum efficiency by scheduling preventive maintenance before the summer heat and humidity settle in. This ensures that all the components are inspected and tuned up, and that key elements like the cooling coils and blower assembly are clean and functioning properly.

Give the Outdoor Unit Some Attention

For your HVAC to operate efficiently, there must be ample airflow through your outdoor unit’s condenser coil. There should be two feet of clearance on all sides, so clear away dead leaves and collected yard debris, and trim back tall grass, weeds and landscape plantings.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re still using a basic thermostat that you have to set manually, you’re wasting an opportunity to save energy. Having a new thermostat installed that matches your type of equipment and your family’s typical weekly schedule can help you trim your energy consumption by up to 10 percent annually.

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