Winterized HVAC

Winter is just around the corner in the Indianapolis area, so while we’re hoping our fall weather persists for a while, it’s a good idea to be ready for winter storms. Getting a winterized HVAC courtesy of a maintenance visit from your HVAC tech will get you on the right road.

While some tasks are best left to a trained HVAC technician, there are things homeowners can do to get their HVAC ready for winter, ensuring a winterized HVAC unit.

  1. Clear the area around your outdoor condenser. Clear away weeds, leaves, and any other yard debris from your outdoor condenser. Leaving dead vegetation around the condenser can be an invitation to wild creatures to move in for the winter. Also, take a look at the limbs and shrubbery nearby. Cut back tree limbs that might fall and damage the unit, and cut back any encroaching shrubbery.
  2. Fix a cover for the condenser. There is no need to cover up the entire condenser. In fact, a cover might make the unit more inviting to wildlife. What you can do is cut a piece of plywood that fits over the condenser, making for a more winterized HVAC unit overall. Put it in place with heavy rocks or bricks so that it will stay in place. This will keep leaves, debris, and icicles from falling inside.
  3. Vacuum indoor HVAC grills and vents. Clean indoor vents so they are free of dust. Move away any obstructions such as furniture, rugs, magazines, or the like so that the air can flow unimpeded.
  4. Change your filter. In most cases, the HVAC filter is located so the homeowner can change it. Change it whenever it’s dirty so that your HVAC runs more efficiently. Use a better-quality filter to trap airborne pollutants and maintain better indoor air quality.
  5. Give your heating system a boost with a few efficiency hacks. Switch the ceiling fan blades so they’re turning in a clockwise direction and pushing down heated air; use space heaters in hard-to-heat areas of the home; and open shades and blinds to let in the sun.

For more on ensuring that you have a winterized HVAC, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing of Indianapolis.