Keep These Costs in Mind When Shopping for a Water HeaterThe signs have likely been there for a while, but perhaps you ignored them: a lukewarm shower, dishwater that doesn’t cut through the grease, or only enough hot water for one hot load of wash. Eventually, you can’t deny it’s time to go shopping for a water heater. Where do you begin? Consider the big picture before making any firm decisions.

  • Installation: Even if you get a smoking deal on a new water heater, don’t forget to consider the installation costs. You’ll want to hire a professional to get the job done right. Costs can vary significantly, depending on your current plumbing set-up and the type of water heater you’re getting. New energy-efficient models will come at a premium cost, but the operating costs over time will compensate for the higher price.
  • Energy efficiency: While shopping for a water heater, you’ll probably have the initial decision of whether to switch to a tankless, or on-demand, water-heating system. Keep in mind that these models are an investment in your future water bills, costing more now but saving money and energy in the future. If you choose a tankless system, make sure you size it properly for your home, and realize that if you have a larger household, you may need to supplement a whole-house unit with one or more point-of-use tankless heaters.
  • Proper plumbing and venting: Proper plumbing is a must with any sort of water heater installation. In order to comply with building codes, there should be proper clearance and drip pans if necessary. Venting is also an important consideration when buying a gas-fueled water heater, whether it’s a storage tank model or tankless. Improperly vented units can allow potentially lethal carbon monoxide to leak in your home. When shopping for a water heater, hiring a professional ensures the work is done right so you can rest easy.

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