Water Filtration Systems: What You Need to KnowIf poor water quality is an issue in your home, you need to consider investing in whole-home water filtration. These types of systems are designed to improve water quality through three main methods — UV light, a chemical process, or a filtering medium — and solve problems like sediment accumulations, mineral scale buildup, or unpleasant chemical tastes and odors.

Advantages of Installing a Home Water Filtration System

The first major benefit you’ll gain with a filtration system is a house-wide improvement in water quality. Because the unit is positioned where the water supply enters your home, you’ll enjoy better quality water at every plumbing fixture, faucet and water-using appliance. To determine what type of system you need, get your water tested first and then discuss your options with an experienced professional plumber. A plumber might recommend installing:

  • An ion exchange water softener to solve a hardness issue.
  • A reverse osmosis system to remove excessive sediment.
  • An ultraviolet (UV) light to kill biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses.
  • An activated-carbon filter or oxidizing system to solve taste and odor issues.

If testing shows that you have multiple water problems to address, your plumber may suggest installing a multi-stage system that combines some or all of the above technologies. After the right system is installed, you’ll see additional benefits such as:

  • Healthier water that tastes better. Installing a system to remove chemicals such as chlorine can improve taste and eliminate odors. With a UV light system, you’ll avoid ingesting viruses and bacteria that can compromise your family’s good health.
  • Longer appliance and plumbing system service life. If your system removes minerals that cause scale buildup, you’ll extend the useful service life of appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater and protect your plumbing pipes as well.
  • Protection when issues arise in the municipal supply. With a whole-home filtration system in place, you’ll still have safe, clean water if a water main breaks or hazardous contaminants get into the municipal supply.

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