7 Ways to Reduce the Water Bill in Your Indianapolis HomeIndianapolis homeowners still remember the 2012 drought. Although it’s been several years, water consciousness is still on the minds of many. Water conservation is more than just the responsible thing to do; it can also reduce your water bill significantly.

How to Reduce Your Water Bill

  1. Install low-flow shower heads. Reducing the gallons per minute that come out of your shower is a good place to start on water conservation. If you install an aerating shower head, you’ll still get the feeling of a steady spray of water.
  2. Upgrade to a low-flow toilet. Toilets use gallons of water on each flush, making them a prime target to cut back on water use.
  3. Use the dishwasher. Dishwashers use much less water than washing dishes by hand, and often do a better job. Dishwashers can also often sterilize dishes with water too hot for your hands to handle.
  4. Upgrade to high-efficiency appliances. An Energy Star washing machine likely uses less water than an older model, in addition to using less energy.
  5. Install point-of-use tankless water heaters. A central water heater has to push all the cool air out of the pipes in front of the hot water it’s trying to deliver. Your water dollars are pouring down the drain while you wait for the water to warm up.
  6. Have a professional inspect your plumbing. An inspection once or twice a year is best so leaks are found before they cause too much damage. A plumbing leak can be a small but steady drain on your water supply and that drain can add up.
  7. Lower your water needs outside. Use mulch, drought-resistant plants and shade plants on your lawn to cut down on evaporation. Watering your lawn at night can also help the water sink into the ground instead of evaporating away.

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