High humidity can make you feel much warmer than you should. When the air is dry, sweat evaporates on skin, and as a breeze passes over it, the sweat evaporates and leaves a cooling effect. But when the air is damp, this cooling effect is negated. The dampness does not evaporate; it stays on our skin, making us feel warm.

Obviously, you want lower humidity in your home so that you can feel cool. There are a number of ways to attain a lower level of humidity. Keep reading to learn more.


Your first line of defense should be some type of dehumidifier. The best choice is a whole-home dehumidifier, which is installed in your HVAC system. It removes moisture from the air and exhausts it to the outdoors. If this is more sophisticated than you need, you might opt for a portable dehumidifier. These are moved from room to room as needed; the appliances must be emptied and cleaned.

Moisture Absorbers

Surprisingly, a makeshift dehumidifier can be made with a pan of cat litter, charcoal, rock salt, or baking soda. These substances draw moisture out of the air and serve to lower humidity.

Commercial moisture absorbers such as the product DampRid, which is a hanging bag that traps moisture, help lower humidity in closed spaces such as a closet.

Change Your AC Filter

A clean AC filter will ensure good airflow through your HVAC system. A clean filter will also do a more efficient job of removing moisture as the air is drawn into the unit. Furthermore, make sure the coils are clean so that the unit can pull out moisture effectively. Change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

Get Rid of Leaks

If you have plumbing or ceiling leaks, get them fixed. Otherwise, your HVAC system will have to work harder to remove the excess moisture in the air.

Install Exhaust Ventilation

A ventilation system can remove moisture from the bathroom and kitchen, which are the dampest areas in your house. Make sure the ventilation system is exhausted to the outdoors.

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