Ventilation And Insulation: Prescription For An Attic That's Spiking A TempIf your home seems too hot and your energy bill seems too high, you may be surprised to learn that your attic may be to blame. An overly hot attic that is spiking a temperature is a sickness that can spread throughout your entire house. Taking measures to ensure proper attic ventilation and insulation is key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner.

What is the function of attic ventilation and insulation?

Your attic’s ventilation and insulation work together as a team to keep your home comfortable and your air conditioner running efficiently. Because heat rises, a great deal of hot air will find its way to your attic. Still more will radiate through the roof on hot summer days. In fact, your attic can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees. Without adequate ventilation, that heat has no place to go except to radiate downward through your ceilings, and back into your home. Your attic’s insulation is intended to create a barrier to prevent attic heat from infiltrating your home. When there’s not enough insulation, that barrier will become ineffective, forcing your air conditioner to cool the same air numerous times.

How can attic ventilation and insulation be improved?

If you’re not sure if your attic is overly hot, take a look at your roof. A common sign that your attic is running a temperature is asphalt shingles that are curled up on the ends. You should also check your attic’s vents to see if they may be clogged. If your vents are clear but your attic is still too hot, the simple installation of an attic fan can remedy the problem. These fans will help circulate warm air out of your home to improve comfort and the air conditioner’s efficiency. Next, check the insulation levels of your attic. You should not be able to see your floor joists beneath the insulation. If your insulation is level with, or below the floor joists, you should add more.

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