3 Benefits a Variable Speed Furnace Offers Indianapolis HomeownersThe Indianapolis weather covers a wide range of temperatures, and a one-size-fits-all approach to home heating isn’t ideal. With most homeowners relying on furnaces for their heating needs through the colder months, a variable speed furnace offers significant benefits in terms of home comfort and energy savings.

Here’s How It Works:

A traditional furnace burns fuel at one level and one rate of air supply through your house. That means that if it’s not battling the frigid cold of deep winter, it has to cycle on and off in order to keep your home from overheating. A variable speed furnace fan, on the other hand, can raise or lower its fan speed and supply more or less warm air. This nets you three improvements over a traditional furnace:

  1. By running more often at a lower speed, a variable speed fan not only prevents your system from turning on and off (and avoiding the maintenance costs associated with frequent on-off operation), but it draws less energy when a high-speed fan isn’t required all the time.
  2. The air will circulate continually through your home, meaning less distracting change in the background noise. And with the steady circulation, you also get steady air filtration, and you don’t have sudden bursts of air coming out of the vents.
  3. Because a variable speed furnace can control the amount of warm air delivered to your home, it offers fine-tuned temperature control. If the home needs additional heat, it can cycle more air; if you’re beginning to overheat, it can cycle less.

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