Learn How UV Lights Can Help Your Indoor Air QualityThe typical home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) may cause a plethora of health, comfort, and home efficiency problems. Inefficient air distribution and a lack of healthful ventilation are common causes for poor IAQ. Tightly sealed homes share blame by trapping contaminants, such as germs, molds, viruses, and bacteria, which allows them to multiply. Read on to learn how germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lights can help.

Solution for IAQ Pollution

Germicidal UV lights are in-duct air cleaners that break down the DNA or RNA of micro-organisms by using irradiating short-length UV waves. UV light systems have proven to kill or inactivate mold, germs, and tuberculosis. Since it’s impractical or impossible to disinfect the HVAC with the same frequency as you clean your home, UV light systems are a natural solution for your IAQ problems.

Benefits of UV Lights

UV light systems are installed inside your home’s HVAC system. This location is smart because indoor air is generally cycled through the air ducts many times each day and night. With each pass through your furnace filter and UV light system, your IAQ improves. Here are some benefits of UV lights:

  • Health and comfort: By destroying or deactivating micro-organisms, UV light systems provide relief to people with respiratory ailments. This boosts health and comfort simultaneously. Additionally, even if you don’t suffer from allergies, asthma or COPA, destroying germs and viruses in your home is always a good thing.
  • HVAC efficiency: The evaporator coil of your heat pump is highly susceptible — a sitting duck — to mold growth. As mold covers the coil, cooling efficiency is reduced and energy bills go up. The air ducts are prone to mold growth and harboring germs and bacteria, too. UV light systems help keep your HVAC system clean and efficient.

Maintenance for UV Light Systems

Maintaining your UV light system is simple. Change the air-purifying light bulb each year, and you’re done. UV lights run silently and safely around the clock, keeping your home’s IAQ safer and more healthful.

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