Two-Stage A/C: Greater Efficiency for Summertime ComfortAre you planning an air conditioner replacement? If so, it’s worth considering a two-stage A/C that offers greater comfort, better humidity control and enhanced efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how two-stage cooling technology works:

Single-Stage Vs Two-Stage Air Conditioning – The Compressor Makes The Difference

A standard air conditioner compressor only has one speed, so whenever the thermostat signals it to cycle on, it runs on high at full capacity. In contrast, a two-stage compressor has two speed options, low and high. The lower speed utilizes about 67 percent of the system’s capacity. A two-stage system operates almost continuously at low speed, but it automatically ramps up to full speed when more cooling power is needed.

A two-stage cooling system offers a number of benefits:

Energy savings. In the temperate climate of Central Indiana, a two-stage compressor can run on low 80 percent of the time and still keep a home cool and comfortable. It’s more efficient during the spring and fall, and overnight and cooler times of day in the summer when full-on operation isn’t needed. This translates into lower monthly energy bills.

Better humidity control. Because a two-stage compressor pulls air across the coils almost continuously, it allows the A/C to extract excess moisture more effectively, even though it’s often running at a lower speed. The same benefit applies to air filtration.

Greater comfort. The on-off cycling of a standard A/C can lead to drastic temperature fluctuations in a home. There’s a blast of cold air when it’s running, but when it cycles off, the living space quickly becomes hot and sticky again. A two-stage system’s longer cycling periods can deliver just the right amount of cold air to virtually eliminate temperature variations.

Longer equipment life. The strain of repeated on-and-off cycling can eventually cause a compressor breakdown or failure. With annual preventative maintenance, a two-stage compressor’s longer cycling periods and low-speed operation can add years of trouble-free service to an A/C’s lifespan.

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