Tips for Common Plumbing EmergenciesEven when you try to do your best to keep your plumbing in shape, sometimes it can surprise you with an emergency situation. With a little preparation, you’ll be able to control nearly any plumbing emergency while you wait for the plumber.

Be Prepared

Learn where the water shut-off valves are in your home. This includes the ones in the bathroom, kitchen, and possibly the laundry room as well as the house’s main shut-off valve. Also note the location of the isolation valves on each fixture, such as sinks and the toilet. Every six months or so, test these valves to make sure they still work.

Keep a plumbing emergency kit that includes safety goggles, work gloves, a hand auger (plumber’s drain snake), a sink plunger, a toilet (cup) plunger, an adjustable wrench, and silicone tape to stop minor leaks temporarily.

If you’re comfortable with basic DIY plumbing jobs, consider expanding your kit to include a hacksaw, wheel-type pipe cutter, spare lengths of pipe, fittings such as elbows and tees, and other repair tools and materials.

Have a Plan

Knowing exactly what to do will prevent you from taking any hasty actions that could worsen the problem. If you notice a leaky pipe or an overflowing fixture, first shut off the water to that pipe or fixture. If you can’t find the right valve, shut off the water supply to the whole house.

Inspect the pipe or fixture to assess as accurately as you can what went wrong and how much damage there is. Doing this lets you provide information that can help the plumber fix the problem.

Contact your water company first. In some cases, certain plumbing issues, such as a blockage in the main water line or sewer line, are your water company’s responsibility. Call a plumber only once you’re sure the responsibility is yours. Many offer 24-hour emergency service, so don’t wait or the damage could worsen.

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