Maintaining a healthy home must include measures to take care of dust — and dust mites that live off of dust — but while getting rid of dust entirely isn’t possible, it is realistic to use some of the tips listed below to keep your home as dust- and dust-mite-free as possible.

Much of the dust in your home is created by human skin, and we can shed up to 10 grams every day. Dust mites love human skin, and they have plenty of it to feed off of. Further, most humans react negatively to the droppings left by dust mite. To top it off, dust mites procreate at an astonishing rate.

While the combination of facts about shedding skin and dust mites might leave you feeling a bit perplexed, or worse, helpless, you can get the upper hand on dust control by:

  • Dusting regularly with a tool that traps dust, instead of just moving it around. A damp cloth or Swiffer will work.
  • Sweeping floors moves dust around, so vacuum instead with a machine that traps the dust. One that uses a HEPA filter is especially helpful for this purpose.
  • Using an air-purification system that specifically targets dust and dust mites will give you another measure of control.
  • Taking care of pets is also critical. If you have pets, brush them every day, and then gather up the hair with a damp cloth. The key here, again, is not releasing the dander — which dust mites love — into the home.
  • Washing materials regularly that can harbor dust, including curtains, bedding and clothes, in water above 130 degrees to kill off dust mites.
  • Purchasing specialized pillow cases and bedding, which will prevent dust from penetrating the material and keep dust mites out.

Getting rid of dust requires that you consistently engage in clean-home strategies, but the above-listed tips also will ensure control over dust and dust mites. If you’d like help with improving your home comfort or indoor air quality, contact our experts at Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbingtoday. We serve the Greater Indianapolis area with pride.

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