You’re looking to fix up your old basement and make it a friendlier, more usable space. Unfortunately, it’s currently damp, musty, and full of odd smells. Before you start remodeling, you need to make the area more habitable. You need an AC system for the basement. Let’s look at the benefits of a basement AC unit to help you decide the best options for your home.

Basement AC Unit Benefits

Most basements are naturally cool. Heat rises, so even if the rest of your house is warm, your basement could still be fairly mild. However, cool doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable, and an AC unit provides other benefits besides temperature regulation.

First is ventilation. An HVAC system allows air to flow more freely throughout the space. Without it, your basement air will grow stale and stagnant.

Second is humidity control. Basements naturally attract moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. An HVAC system removes moisture from the air. The result is better air circulation; cleaner, more breathable air; and a healthier overall living space.

Basement AC Unit Options

Assuming your basement isn’t connected to the ductwork for the rest of your home (which it probably isn’t), then your best option for an AC unit is a ductless mini-split. It gives you complete control over temperature and airflow regulation while still remaining separate from the rest of the house.

You might also consider a window unit. If your basement has a readily accessible window, this is the cheapest option, though it’s often not as energy efficient.

Finally, you can get a portable AC unit. Relatively inexpensive, these also don’t require installation, making them easy to set up. The one drawback is that they can have a limited range. If you have a larger basement area or are converting it into multiple rooms, this might not be the best option.

Talk to your HVAC contractor about your plans for the basement, and they can help you determine what your best AC option is.

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