HVAC technicians are very personable and always willing to help their customers as much as they can. The next time you get a chance to speak with one, feel free to ask them as many HVAC questions as you’d like. You can start with these HVAC questions:

Should I Get a Smart Thermostat?

If you’ve had your current thermostat for a while, then it might be time to switch to a smart model. An HVAC technician can look at your current thermostat and give their opinion on whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.

How Do I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

It’s important that you maintain good indoor air quality to ensure that everyone in your household is healthy. Your HVAC technician can give you tons of tips on how to improve the quality, including everyday tasks and additional equipment.

Is My HVAC Equipment Operating Well? 

Chances are, your HVAC technician will be at your house because they’re taking care of something with your equipment. This is the perfect opportunity to ask them whatever you’d like to know about the state of your system, including any potential upgrades or repairs. If you’re having an annual checkup done, they’ll probably volunteer most of the information, but feel free to ask them anything.

Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned? 

Many homeowners don’t know how often they should get their air ducts cleaned or what to look for. Ask the technician to take a quick look at your ducts and give their opinion on whether or not they should be cleaned. Depending on the visit, they might also be able to check for any damage such as tears or holes.

How Does a Maintenance Plan Work?

Signing up for a maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your HVAC equipment is always operating at peak performance, so be sure to make that one of your HVAC questions. Your HVAC technician can go over all the details of the plan, including how scheduling works, what you get from it, and the cost. 

If you have any other HVAC questions, the technicians at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are all ears. We’ve been serving the HVAC needs of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years.