In winter in Indiana, a good heating system is essential for your home. The question is, though, what type of system do you need? There are a number of options available. Here’s an overview of different types of home heating to help you determine which is best for you.

  • Furnace. The most common of all the types of home heating, furnaces generally use natural gas to heat the air, which is then circulated through your home via your ductwork. Modern furnaces can be made up to 97% energy efficient.
  • Boiler. A boiler heats the air using hot water or steam and uses radiant heaters to distribute it. It’s efficient, effective, and a good option for homes without ductwork. However, boilers are also more expensive to purchase and install than furnaces, so they may not be your first choice among all the types of home heating.
  • Heat pump. Heat pumps work like your AC in reverse, extracting the heat from the air outside and circulating the warm air through your home. They’re one of the most energy-efficient options for your home, but be aware that they can lose their efficiency in extremely cold temperatures. If you use one, it’s important to have a backup furnace as well.
  • Ductless mini split. Great for multifamily homes as well as new additions to existing homes, mini splits can provide heating to multiple rooms without ductwork. They even allow for zoning, giving each room control of its home comfort with its own thermostat.
  • Radiant heating. Tubes are run underneath your floor or through your walls and ceiling. Hot water or electric heat then runs through them to heat your home. Since heat rises, radiant heating ensures heat is distributed evenly throughout the house. However, it’s better if it’s installed while the house is being built or during planned remodeling. Retrofitting this system can be difficult and expensive.
  • Baseboard heaters. These are similar to floor heaters, but the heaters are installed along the baseboards rather than underneath the floor. Effective and easy to install, they help distribute heat evenly throughout your home.

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