When dust accumulates inside your Indianapolis home, you can end up dealing with allergic reactions and other health issues. Having dust on surfaces and in the air contributes to a lower indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home. You can improve your home’s IAQ with your HVAC system to help reduce the risk of health issues.

How Dust Affects IAQ

Layers of dust can build up on various surfaces around your home, including floors, furniture, and curtains. This dust can also get into the air when it’s disturbed, such as when you walk across the floor, sit down on your couch, or move items around on a bookshelf. When this dust enters the air, you inhale it while breathing. For some people, this can cause sneezing, coughing, and other allergic reactions. Dust can also lead to asthma attacks in those who have this respiratory condition. Getting into the habit of dusting and vacuuming your home on a regular basis helps control the amount of dust in the air.

Improving IAQ with Your HVAC System

You can use your HVAC system to further control how much dust enters the air in your home. Your HVAC system has an air filter that traps dust, as well as pollutants and other harmful particles. This keeps dust from being able to get into your ducts and vents, where it can spread to all parts of your home when you have your heat or air conditioning on. The key is having a clean air filter. These filters need to be checked every few months or more frequently and replaced as needed. Dust and other particles end up covering these filters, causing them to lose their effectiveness at boosting your indoor air quality.

You can also limit dust in your home by getting an air cleaner or air purifier. These devices help remove dust and other allergens from the air inside your home.

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