When I called I spoke with Jackie who was very polite and quick to get me in the schedule for service on my AC unit.  Within a half hour she called back to confirm the technician Jim was in route. Jim found the condensate line clogged and a leak in the coil and said it looked like something was eating the copper of the coil, but typically something like that would only happen around sewage/sewage treatment areas.  I was surprised by his intuition!  A drain in the basement, right next to the furnace, has been backing up lately and releasing sewage gas into the basement.  I had been putting off dealing with it since I thought it was a small problem.  He recommended I fix it right away.  He showed me where the filters went and measured the fit for me, which I greatly appreciated.  Jim also signed me up for the semi-annual service agreement maintenance program and gave me several tips about oil furnaces. We have been told before that the furnace doesn’t have much time left, which Jim confirmed.

Sarah P.



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