Tax Credits to Take Advantage of Before Year-EndWith 2016 nearly at an end, it’s time to take advantage of any tax credits you might have missed out on throughout the year. These credits can not only put extra money in your wallet, but they can also help protect the environment.

Here’s a brief list of federal tax credits you may be eligible for during 2016:

  • You may qualify for a 10-percent tax credit up to $500 or a specific amount from $50 to $300 when you purchase a new Energy Star-rated central A/C system, air source heat pump system, furnace, water heater or roof, as long as it’s for your existing, primary residence.
  • You can also receive a 30-percent tax credit when you install a new Energy Star-rated geothermal heat pump, residential wind turbines or solar energy system for your principal residence or second home, with no upper limit.
  • Adding a residential fuel cell and micro-turbine system to your new or existing primary home could also give you a 30-percent tax credit off the total cost of the system, with no upper limit.

There are also plenty of local and state tax credits, rebates and incentives you might be interested in. For instance, Indianapolis Power & Light’s residential customers are eligible for a free home energy assessment and further rebates and incentives for replacing their current incandescent lighting for LED and CFL bulbs.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “maialisa/Pixabay”