Helpful Tips for Storm Season PreparationWith spring here and summer not far behind, we’re going to be hit by numerous thunderstorms and perhaps even a tornado or two. While most Hoosiers are familiar with basic spring storm preparation, you may not be aware of steps you can take to protect your HVAC system. Here are some proven ways to prepare your home for a spring storm:

  • These days, with weather apps on every mobile phone and laptop, storm systems are seldom a surprise, though individual thunderstorms can pop up without much warning. If you know a storm is coming, turn off your central HVAC system at the breaker box to avoid damage from power surges associated with lightning strikes and disruptions in the power grid. If you have a window air conditioner, unplug it and take it out of the window, then close and seal the window. Trip the breaker for that window A/C, as well.
  • With enough warning, if the weather is especially hot, turn the A/C down several degrees below its usual temperature an hour or so before the storm hits. That way, the house will stay cooler longer after the system is shut down.
  • Take a tarp or plywood and cover your A/C or heat pump’s outside unit, but make sure the cover is secured tightly or weighted down. This will protect the equipment from wind-blown sticks, dirt and other storm debris.
  • Use surge protector/power strips to protect any appliance or electronic device that’s left plugged in. When in doubt, just unplug the appliance, TV or computer. Point-of-entry surge protectors are available that will protect the entire house, while some surge protection devices are custom made for HVAC equipment.
  • Consider investing in a standby generator. These devices seamlessly take over provision of electricity when the power goes out, either providing electricity for the entire house or essential circuits. Whole-house standby generators can power everything it the house, including the central A/C or heat.

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