Are you thinking about your HVAC system in the new year? Is it time to make some upgrades? If so, you need to consider the latest trends — but that’s not about being fashionable. New trends mean increased comfort, cleaner air, and better energy efficiency. Here are some of the 2021 HVAC trends you should be aware of.

2021 HVAC Trends for Indoor Air Quality

Due to the events of 2020, IAQ is likely to be at the top of 2021 HVAC trends. It’s important to make sure that the air in your home is free from contaminants — particularly viruses and bacteria. This means a whole-house air purifier that has a HEPA filter in order to remove the contaminants that your regular HVAC system can’t.

There are even air-health apps which connect your air purifier to your smartphone. The app can show you the level of contaminants in your home, as well as any problem areas. It then makes recommendations for improving your IAQ, such as reminding you to change your filter when it’s time.

2021 HVAC Trends for Energy Efficiency

With climate change looming, we need to be aware of our carbon footprint and do what we can to reduce it. Your HVAC system is one of the top ways to do that, which makes it one of the most important 2021 HVAC trends.

Variable-speed air handlers are increasing in popularity. Older systems blow air at a single speed at all times. By varying the speed, you can blow less air into your home on milder days and more on very hot or very cold days, thus saving energy by not using more air than you need.

Another major trend is smart thermostats. These have a number of benefits for your home. Employed with a zoning system, sensors in each room can tell when you’ve entered or left, turning the system on or off automatically. That way, you stay comfortable without paying to heat or cool an empty room.

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