Spring Allergies: Is Your Home At Fault?The elder, birch, elm, and many other trees common in the Indianapolis area make ours among the top 50 worst cities for spring allergies. It’s not just the outdoors that can trigger your allergies, though. If your home isn’t prepared, it can make your symptoms even worse.

Get Smart About Ventilation

Opening the window might seem like an easy way to freshen your air, but if you have allergies, it does more harm than good by letting in pollen. Instead of opening the windows, run your air conditioner on “fan only” or “recirculate.” This circulates your air through the air conditioner’s filter, continuously removing air contaminants.

Use a higher-efficiency MERV 10 to 12 air filter in your system. These can trap the tiny allergen particles less efficient filters miss. Change your filter on schedule to prevent trapped allergens from re-circulating into your air.

Consider using a room air purifier in your bedroom to ease your allergies while you sleep. When you’re using one, keep the doors and windows closed so contaminants can’t enter. For cleaner air throughout your home, a whole-house air cleaner is a better choice.

If you really want to open your windows, do it after 10 a.m and avoid opening them during the early morning hours when pollen counts are highest.

Clean House Efficiently

Once or twice a week, dust with a microfiber cloth that picks up dust and allergens. Clean floors and soft furniture with a vacuum fit with a HEPA filter. Then mop hard floors with a microfiber mop. Wear a dust mask when you clean to avoid breathing in the allergens you stir up.

Keep your home clutter free and cut back on pillows and soft items, such as stuffed toys. This gives pollen fewer places to hide.

Dry your laundry indoors. Hanging laundry out to dry lets it collect pollen, mold spores, and other allergens you’ll then end up carrying around on your clothes.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home, an HVAC professional can help.

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