Simple Tricks to Remember to Change the Air FilterChanging the air filter is essential to the smooth operation of your HVAC system. A clean filter offers benefits on so many levels, it’s hard to name them all but here are some:

  • Improved air flow
  • Better ability to maintain satisfactory relative humidity from the home
  • Keeps HVAC parts clean and working more efficiently.
  • Reduces friction so there’s less stress on parts, so they last longer.
  • Better indoor air quality

So maybe you’re now convinced that it’s important to keep your filter changed. But if you’re like many homeowners, you have trouble remembering when it’s time. Here are some helpful suggestions for reminding you when your system is due for a filter change.

Mark It on the Calendar

Whether you install an inexpensive fiberglass filter that only lasts a month, or a better quality pleated filter designed to last three months, you should check the filter every month to see if it needs changing.

Link a Filter Change to Regular To-Do Tasks

Just make the filter change a regular to-do item at the beginning of the month with other tasks such as paying bills, cleaning out the refrigerator, or whatever, and you will get in the habit of checking and changing as needed.

Set Up a Reminder on Your Smart Phone

Your smart phone’s calendar is an ideal location for all types of reminders — including your air filter change. You can set the calendar to give you reminders at the first of the month, or anytime. You might also make a note as to when you changed the filter or just checked it.

Store Air Filters Where You Will See Them

You might not ever think about changing filters if they are stowed away in the HVAC cabinet. Put them somewhere that you visit frequently, so you’ll be reminded to change them when it’s time.

Use an Old-School Post-It Note

Hey, if putting post-its on a refrigerator door reminding you to change the filter works for you, we’re all for it.

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