Should Homeowners Use Voice-Enabled HVAC Products?Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about the voice-activated hub devices they received as gifts for the holidays that turn lights on and off, lock doors and operate security cameras. You may be intrigued and wondering if such devices could work for you, but perhaps you’re also skeptical, asking why you’d need an extra gizmo, when you can get up and turn things on and off yourself. Read on, and find out why we think you should be interested.

Hub Devices

Voice-enabled hub devices that control a number of home systems are growing in popularity, and now HVAC manufacturers and designers are looking into how voice-enabled HVAC products may fit into these systems. Wi-fi thermostats that allow homeowners to operate their HVAC systems from near or far are already familiar to homeowners, but voice-enabled thermostats are proving to be the next wave in the development of this technology.

Among the most popular of the hub systems are Amazon’s Echo, with its voice assistant Alexa, and Google’s Google Home assistant. HVAC designers of smart thermostats have watched this technology develop with interest, and have been working on their own systems, such as the Cor Home Automation System, which allows homeowners to control thermostats, lighting, door locks and cameras, and to do so through a smart device without paying monthly fees.

Additionally, these HVAC companies have been looking for partnerships with Amazon, Google and other producers of voice-activated hub systems, to ensure their systems are compatible with the voice assistants.

Why Use a Voice-Activated Smart System?

You might think there would be some resistance to such devices among certain demographics, particularly older homeowners, but that’s not proving to be the case. Thus, designers are keen on making the systems easy to use, while voice control obviously offers many benefits to those who may be experiencing limited mobility. Market studies show older users are embracing this technology and thus providing the HVAC industry with considerable impetus for pushing forward with innovations designed to improve comfort and ease of use.

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