Clogged Sewer Drain? A Foul Smell In The Basement Is A Telltale SignDo you notice a strong and foul smell being emitted from your basement? If so, you could have a clogged sewer drain, which can be a health hazard for you and your loved ones. Depending upon the reason that the sewer drain became clogged, you may need an auger to unclog it or you may need to call in professional plumbing and drain cleaners. Do not assume that you can afford to wait it out by using odor-killing fresheners to disguise the harmful odors. 

Locate the smell’s source

Take proactive measures in locating from exactly where the foul smell is emanating, by locating your basement sewer drain.  Before you begin your detective work, make certain that you are wearing a tightly fitted air-filter mask to help inhibit the foul odor. Some Indianapolis homes have a water trap, which you’ll find underneath the floor drain or near the washing machine and dryer’s laundry tub, if applicable.  If you can smell the sewer gas or foul odor being emitted from the drain, you have identified the source of your misery.

If a toilet is the culprit

Sometimes even if the clogged sewer drain smell is coming from the basement, the true culprit for your clog could very well be located in a bathroom.  If you have noticed that your toilet moves in place on the floor, check to see if the toilet’s wax ring has deteriorated.  A broken toilet wax ring could be the cause of the invasive foul smelling sewer gas.  Even though you can make this repair yourself, it is better to call in a professional to check your basement thoroughly, as well as your home’s bathroom and kitchen plumbing.

A clogged sewer drain can be a serious problem that needs professional expert solutions to help restore the comfort and safety of your home. Contact us to take advantage of our 40 years of service providing plumbing and drain-cleaning solutions for Indianapolis area customers.  Don’t wait for answers, get the professional solution today!

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