Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs by Securing Your Air DuctsNot only do bed bugs come out at night to suck your blood, their feces and shedded skin can get into the air and impact your indoor air quality. These nasty little critters can get into your home in a variety of ways, and one such possibility is through your air ducts.

Bed Bugs Love Warm, Dark Places

These blood-sucking insects are well-known for their ability to hide in small cracks and crevices. Although their ultimate goal is to reach your bed or other furniture, they may take refuge in your air ducts because they’re warm and dark, which are two things that attract them the most.

Air Vents Next to a Bed Can Be a Major Concern

Since most bed bugs are found in your bed, any air vents that are nearby can be a cause for concern. These insects can come from outside, and your home’s air ducts are a great way for them to get in. And if you have air vents in your bedroom, this gives them a shortcut to their destination.

Hire a Professional to Clean the Ducts

The best way to secure your air ducts against bed bugs is to hire a qualified HVAC technician for a proper cleaning as soon as you suspect that there might be a problem. You should also schedule cleanings at regular intervals to maintain a clean duct system, which can help keep your air free of other pollutants, as well.

Never Use Pesticides in Your Air Ducts

It is very important that you never attempt to get rid of bed bugs in your air ducts by spraying pesticides or other chemicals in either the ducts. The same is true with most chemicals being applied in your heating and cooling system, as most chemicals aren’t approved for use in ventilation systems.

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