Save Money and Energy with Energy-Efficient Windows | MoweryIndianapolis residents usually enjoy pleasant weather, but extreme shifts in temperature can happen quickly. Here are some ideas for keeping your power bills down.


Making window frames from energy-efficient materials helps to control utility costs. The four most common choices have different qualities to choose from.

  1. Fiberglass prevents most leaks and is easy to care for, but is the most expensive.
  2. Vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance. Hot weather will cause them to expand, creating as they cool.
  3. Wood is lovely, but also can be prone to swelling during humid, hot weather. Like vinyl, constantly changing shape will eventually become drafty.
  4. Aluminum is inexpensive and requires minimal care. Its ability to conduct heat can increase your air conditioning bills.


While glass does not conduct heat directly, the summer sun or frigid winter weather can make your indoor spaces uncomfortable. The U-value rating represents how much heat is lost through your windows during cold weather. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the measurement of how much heat is added to your home through the glass. For the most energy efficient choices, both of these numbers should be as low as possible.


The frame and glass in a window are both important, but the design should be factored into the decision. Many people believe that picture windows drive up power expenses, but are often incorrect. With favorable U-value and SHGC ratings, picture windows can be energy efficient.


Regardless of which you choose, no window will be energy efficient if it is not installed correctly. Accurate measurements are a must in order to avoid gaps around the frames. Relying on caulk or foam to fill in leaks may work to begin with, but over time, these materials will not be effective.

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