Stuffy Stale Rooms? Your Return-Air Ducts Could Be The ReasonIf you find yourself in an uncomfortable, stuffy home even when your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is running at maximum capacity, it likely is time for a change. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to upgrade your whole air-conditioning system. Instead, you might first consider your return-air ducts, and see whether adding more to your home improves your air flow.

Though this may seem labor-intensive, there are tricks that can reduce the time and effort involved. For instance, you can install return-air ducts in the space between rooms, which enables increased air-flow generation to cool your rooms.

When air flows freely in your rooms, it provides natural cooling and also reduces humidity levels. Humidity is what causes air to feel clammy. Removing humidity also kills the environment in which mold and other contaminants grow and thrive, so you’ll be improving your home’s air quality, as well.

You also can install new return-air ducts in flooring of unseen portions of a room, such as a closet or pantry. If one of your concerns is maintaining a consistent look for a room that has a wood floor, you need not worry that an installation will destroy your flooring’s symmetry. Also, you can install and use louvers, so that you can adjust air flow in particular areas.

If you do indeed need to upgrade your air conditioner, make sure that you work with a professional HVAC contractor to ensure that you get the right size system for your home. Though it may seem that the larger your system, the better, you actually can needlessly use energy because your oversize system is cycling on and off too frequently, or if your system doesn’t run enough, it can leave a lot of moisture in your home’s air.

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