I have been planning this for four years. I met with Jay W regarding replacing an open vent gas log with a ventless. I got three estimates and decided to go with Mowery. They were able to get me in right away. Another company came out and removed the old firebox. Mowery came out right on time and Randy and Jay installed the new box. The installation went well, however, the pilot light went out. Kevin came out and got it going again. It went out again and Larry came out to get it going once again. And the pilot light went out for a 4th time in a month and Larry came back out and replaced the pilot and the thermostat and plugged a hole that was letting cold air in. The response was always prompt. The office staff was so helpful and always kind. It has been working perfectly. I couldn’t be happier. I felt I was treated so well by everyone I spoke to. With all this cold weather, I have enjoyed staying in and sitting by the fireplace. I am so glad they hung in there with me and got it all sorted out.

Sheila W.

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