Is it Time to Repair or Replace? Make the Right Decision for Your HVAC SystemHVAC system components are built durably to provide years of reliable service, but even with proper care and maintenance they’ll eventually wear out. If a serious problem has developed and you’re facing the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace existing equipment, be sure to weigh the following factors.

System Age

Every type of mechanical equipment has an expected service life. When an air conditioner or heat pump is more than 10 years old or a furnace is over 15 years old, it’s approaching the end of its useful lifespan. At this point, investing in new equipment makes more sense than paying for costly repairs.

Repair History

As your older equipment becomes less reliable, you’ll notice an increase in the number and frequency of necessary repairs. In addition to repeated repair bills, you can be left without a source of heating or cooling if the equipment suddenly fails.

Comfort and Humidity Control

Temperature inconsistencies and poor humidity control are signs it’s time to have a professional assessment of the entire HVAC system. An evaluation can pinpoint what issues need to be addressed, such as heating or cooling equipment that’s oversized, a poorly designed duct system, or problems with the home’s overall efficiency like insufficient insulation or air leakage through the envelope.

Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency tends to decline as HVAC equipment ages, resulting in a gradual rise in operating costs. Upgrading to efficient new equipment is a major investment, but the potential energy savings can help you recoup the upfront cost over time and increase your home comfort too.

Air Quality

The ducts that distribute your conditioned air are likely routed through unconditioned areas like the attic, crawlspace, or garage. If the ductwork is in poor condition, undesirable contaminants and hazardous combustion fumes can enter and degrade your indoor air quality. After an inspection, your HVAC contractor can advise you if duct sealing is a viable solution or if replacement is necessary.

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