Remodeling: Bathroom VentilationBathroom renovations offer the homeowner an opportunity not only to create a more aesthetically pleasant environment, but also to boost the value of the home significantly. One upgrade that helps achieve both goals is adding exhaust ventilation.

If your current bathroom lacks ventilation, or has an old system that isn’t working right, here are some reasons why including an efficient exhaust system is so important:

Bathroom Ventilation: Why You Need It

It’s always a bit surprising to enter a bathroom that lacks a ventilation system. For one thing, this type of ventilation is designed to remove stale and bad-smelling air from a small enclosed room, so when there’s no fan, the bathroom occupant may just have to suffer.

But ventilation is also for removing humidity. We generate a lot of moisture in the bathroom — taking showers, running the faucet and flushing the toilet. All that moisture can be bad news for the humidity level of the home. In the summertime, when the home humidity exceeds 50 percent, the occupants can feel way too warm, and find no recourse but to turn down the thermostat. Trying to air condition a too-humid home is a real energy waster.

Proper bathroom ventilation also decreases the chances of mold colonizing on floors, tiles, shower curtains, walls and ceilings. Mold not only smells bad, but is unhealthful to breathe and can aggravate allergies. It can also damage drywall, necessitating expensive repairs.

Installing Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Installing a bathroom exhaust system is a job for a professional. If you are replacing an old ventilation system, be sure the new one matches the ductwork. You will also need to check the ducts to make sure they exit through the roof or wall, and are not exhausting moisture into the attic or the space between ceiling joists — a scenario that can result in mold and rot.

Look for a quiet, efficient model of bathroom exhaust ventilation. Energy Star-rated fans are your best bet.

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