Reasons You Need a Duct Cleaning Before FallOnce cooling season is over, you have an opportunity to give your HVAC system some much-needed upkeep to ensure that it’s ready for the coming heating season. Duct cleaning is one kind of upkeep that can provide some distinct benefits during the fall and throughout the winter when the house is closed up to keep out the cold.

Maintaining Good HVAC System Airflow

If there’s an excessive amount of dust and debris in the ductwork, it can impede proper airflow through the HVAC system. As airflow declines, so will the system’s efficiency and your family’s comfort. Once the ducts have been professionally cleaned, you’ll have maximum airflow from the registers, and no worries about any related loss of energy efficiency.

Pinpointing Possible Health Hazards

HVAC ducting is often routed through unfinished areas of a home, like the wall cavities, attic and basement. Because most ductwork isn’t completely airtight, it’s not difficult for contaminants to get drawn in, like insect debris, insulation fibers, rodent nesting materials and droppings, and mold spores that can flourish if there’s humidity inside the duct system. When the ducts are cleaned, you’ll learn if there are any health hazards that should be addressed by specialized remediation.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

You indoor air quality can also decline when there’s a lot of debris and dust in the ducting, because it’s being redistributed during each cycle of the blower unit. Having the ducts cleaned can end this repetitive cycle, so your air quality improves and you have a healthier home environment. This is particularly beneficial if anyone in the family has allergies, asthma or other breathing issues.

Saving Effort on Cleaning

If you vacuum and clean your home continually but there’s always a coating of dust on your floors, furniture and other surfaces, dirty ducts may be the culprit. When any build up is removed from the ducting, the blower will send less dust out into the air, and you’ll find it easier to keep the house clean.

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