Reasons HVAC Inspection is ImportnatIf you depend on your HVAC system for comfort during hot summer days, add an HVAC inspection to your must-do list. Avoiding or procrastinating professional service could sideline your HVAC system when you most need it. You may also want to schedule an inspection if you’re buying or selling a home.

What’s Involved

The HVAC pro will go through your system carefully, cleaning and inspecting all its parts and make adjustments. The goal of the process is to bring the HVAC system back to its original specifications as much as possible.

Inspection Benefits

  • A clean and adjusted system uses less energy. Less heat builds on the parts inside the blower compartment and the outdoor condenser, which helps the system operate at its maximum potential. The amount of energy you save will offset the cost of the maintenance visit.
  • A clean filter ensures optimal air flow into the blower compartment, which speeds the cooling process and lower energy bills.
  • Routine HVAC maintenance prevents costly repairs. The technician may find conditions that might contribute to problems down the road that are easy to fix before they escalate.Low refrigerant, for example, stresses the cooling system and could result in a frozen evaporator coil. If the system doesn’t turn off as the coil freezes, the compressor could be damaged or fail completely. The compressor is the most expensive part inside a cooling system.
  • A thorough HVAC inspection could turn up ductwork leaks that waste energy and reduce indoor air quality.

Buying and Selling

While the condition of the HVAC system may not drive a purchase decision, it may influence it. It will be easier to sell your home if the system is fully functional, which the maintenance visit will reveal. If there are issues, you may want to discuss them with your contractor and Realtor that would make it easier to sell your home for the ideal price and time frame.

An HVAC inspection is vital for the efficient and dependable operation of your equipment. For more information, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, providing HVAC services for Indianapolis homeowners.

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