Purchasing HVAC Equipment? Why Buying Online May Not Be The Best IdeaAre you thinking about purchasing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment online? It’s tempting, no doubt, because you often can find what seem to be excellent deals. However, but there are a lot of factors that should comprise your decision, and often, the online ads don’t tell you everything you need to know to make the right one.

In the Indianapolis area, homeowners need efficient heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. However, when you purchase an HVAC system from an Internet store, you may encounter deals that save you money, but which impact how efficient or effective your new system is. Among the issues that you may encounter are:

  • It may be hard to find an HVAC contractor to install it. Many contractors are reluctant to install equipment that they didn’t sell. If the system you choose has refrigeration as a component, you’ll need an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) license to charge it. Additionally, because of the delicate and sometimes dangerous nature of installing HVAC equipment, you likely won’t have the tools or experience yourself to do the job.
  • Your new equipment may not have a warranty, or one that covers your costs should your system break down. Additionally, many local contractors won’t honor your equipment’s warranty, because they have no proof that the parts inside the system are the original ones specified by the manufacturer. And they may not guarantee their work because of this.
  • You might buy the wrong size. If you go by the existing HVAC system in your home, chances are you’re going to buy a unit that’s too large. In the past, builders compensated for poorly insulated and leaky homes by putting in larger systems. Systems that are too big run for shorter periods, but run more frequently, which increases your utility bills and shortens the life of the equipment. Larger HVAC systems also cost more, so purchasing HVAC equipment online could cost you more in the short and long run. If you purchase a system through an HVAC contractor, one of their technicians will perform detailed calculations to determine what size system you need.

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