Proper Garbage Disposal UseYour garbage disposal is a marvelous invention, designed to allow you to conveniently dispose of certain kitchen wastes. But don’t let the word “disposal” fool you. It doesn’t mean “dispose-all.” In fact, there are many things that should not go into your appliance and if you want to keep it working right, you’d do well to keep the worst offenders out of yours.

Here are some guidelines for ensuring your disposal does not break down:

Keep These Foods/Substances Out of Your Disposal

Here’s a list of foods and other substances that homeowners commonly think they can put down the garbage disposal, but that may result in clogging it or causing other types of breakdowns.

  1. Potato peelings. Potato peelings, like other starchy foods, are sticky after being mixed with water, and likely to form a clogging paste in your drain. Avoid putting pasta and rice down the disposal as well.
  2. Grease. You know this, but every now and then, homeowners think they can get away with pouring a small amount of grease or oil down the disposal. You may do so once, but down the line, grease and oil will congeal, causing a clog in your drain. Even small residues of oil, butter or grease should be wiped off plates and out of pots and pans before they are rinsed in the sink. Dispose of these substances in the garbage.
  3. Coffee grounds. These will collect in your drain and cause a sludgy mess. Dispose of them in a compost pile or around plants outdoors, where the acid in the grounds can be beneficial.
  4. Celery and other fibrous foods. The fibers from celery, banana peels, corn husks, onion skins, asparagus, carrots, lettuce and artichokes can wrap around blades and clog the disposal.
  5. Bleach and harsh chemicals. It’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals in your drain. Use water and vinegar regularly. You can also grind a piece of lemon in the disposal to help with odors.

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