Swapping Out Your Programmable Thermostat? Smart ThinkingProgrammable thermostats are amazing tools that enable you to ensure the comfort of you and your loved ones, and conserve money and energy. And now, with the advent of smart programmable thermostats, you’re even able to get a model that does most of the programming and estimating of desirable temperatures for you.

Programmable thermostats enable you to program your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system so that it adjusts your home’s temperature automatically. You can use them to set up heating and cooling schedules based on your busy life. If you’re going to be away from home for several hours each day, you can program a schedule that lowers your temperature (in the winter) or raises it (during the summer) while you’re gone, and then readjusts it shortly before you expect to arrive home. That way, you’re walking into a comfortable indoor environment, without having to pay for your heating or cooling system to be running at capacity all day long.

Additionally, newer programmable thermostats are even smarter than that. They have technology that enables them to:

  • Monitor your usage patterns and activity within your home, and then change your settings to save you money. For example, you may have your thermostat set to be a specific temperature on Friday nights, because you’re typically home. If your smart thermostat monitors your home environment and determines that no one is home, it’ll adjust your temperature accordingly by overriding your setting.
  • Communicate with you, via cell-phone text message or the Internet. This way, you can adjust your HVAC settings by typing or texting your desired temperature, and your smart thermostat will kick on your HVAC system to reach that number.
  • Alert you via text-message or email when your HVAC system fails. This means that you can quickly call your HVAC contractor to come to your home, and avoid any damage that a broken HVAC can cause. For example, you can avoid frozen pipes in the winter because your home’s temperature plummeted or, conversely, not suffer through sweltering conditions because your air conditioning failed.

Weather in the Greater Indianapolis area can be crazy. One day the temperature is pushing 80 degrees, and the next day, you’re having to wear a jacket. During the spring and fall, especially, you may find yourself caught between the remnant weather of a bitterly cold winter and a searing summer. Fortunately, you can simply call or text your thermostat, and it’ll do the work for you.

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