Learn How to Handle Pressuring HVAC SalespeopleHVAC companies are just like any other type of business — the good ones focus on providing top-notch service and building long-term relationships with their customers. Unfortunately, some HVAC contractors employ high-pressure salespeople whose only goal is meeting their quotas. Here’s some helpful advice on what to do if you encounter a pressuring HVAC salesperson.

Don’t Let Stress Sway You

Unscrupulous salespeople have no qualms about taking advantage of your state of mind when your heating or cooling equipment has broken down, or you’ve been told there’s a serious safety issue that needs immediate repair. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, take a step back and let your head clear before making a commitment.

Be Leery of Time-Sensitive Discounts

Sometimes, a salesperson will quote a high price initially, but then offer you a substantial discount if you book your installation or service within a very short time frame. This tactic is big red flag that the original quote is over-inflated, and it’s one that’s designed to give you no opportunity to comparison shop.

Never Pay Cash

The offer of a sizable cash discount is an enticing and subtle form of manipulation, but it’s a clear warning that an HVAC contractor isn’t on the up and up. They may be hiding income from creditors or the taxman, or they’re a fly-by-night outfit that doesn’t intend to stand behind their work. If you do agree to pay cash, you’re risking sub-par service or a shoddy installation that voids your equipment warranty.

Avoid the Rush

A salesperson may give you a valid-sounding reason why you need to make a rush decision. Perhaps the company only has a couple of units on hand in the capacity you need, or their service technicians are usually fully booked, but they’ve had a last-minute cancellation so they can fit you in. If you’re feeling any pressure at all, just say no thank you, and take the time you need to make an informed decision.

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