It's Time to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter WeatherYou can expect another cold winter here in Indianapolis this year. An operational furnace is imperative to ensure you and your family stay warm and comfortable this season. It’s time to implement these tips to prepare your furnace for cold weather before it’s too late.

Schedule preventative maintenance: This is the single most significant step you can take as you prepare for falling temperatures. A professional inspection includes cleaning the furnace, changing the filter, checking for leaks, lubricating moving parts and testing for correct operation. Preventative maintenance will help your furnace run safely and more efficiently all season long.

Change the filter: While your technician will change your filter during inspection, continue to make this task a priority throughout the winter. Check and change the filter monthly or according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Check return and supply vents around your home: Make sure the louvers on all supply registers are wide open, since closing registers can throw off the system’s balance. Also, be sure the registers are not obstructed by furniture, rugs or curtains. Vacuum or dust the registers to remove dirt and debris for better airflow.

Inspect the exhaust vent: Gas and oil furnaces vent combustion fumes to the outdoors. Make sure the exhaust vent is unblocked by snow or rodent nests, since these obstructions could send combustion fumes back into your home. Not only does this waste energy, but it also damages the heating unit and threatens your family’s safety.

Remove items stored around the furnace: While the furnace closet may seem like a good storage space during the summer, you should move any items sitting next to the furnace before winter starts. Some objects can catch fire when positioned next to an operating furnace.

Schedule ductwork cleaning: If it’s been a few years since you had your ducts cleaned, this is the year to invest in the procedure. Clean ducts help your furnace function more efficiently, resulting in fewer allergy symptoms and asthma attacks this winter.

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