Look Out for these Warning Signs of Poorly-Vented Drain LinesThe drainage side of your home’s plumbing system relies on the force of gravity to pull water out into the septic tank or municipal sewer system. The drain system needs to breathe for wastewater to flow properly, so it has at least one cast iron or PVC vent pipe that runs up through the roof.

Poorly-vented drain lines can cause a host of plumbing problems in your home, so it’s wise to call a professional plumber if you see any of these warning signs:

Sluggish Drains

A pressure imbalance caused by an improperly installed or blocked vent pipe can create a vacuum inside the drain system that slows down the flow of water. Sluggish drains tend to clog up easily, so have the vent pipe checked if you’re unstopping sinks or plunging toilets frequently,

Sewer Smells

The drains on the plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms have built-in traps to retain some water and keep sewer gas from backing up. If you smell noxious odors near a fixture, it’s a sign that a vent obstruction has upset the normal pressure balance and suctioned water out of the traps.

Bubbles in the Bowl

If you see bubbles in a nearly bathroom’s toilet bowl when the washing machine or dishwasher is draining, air pressure inside your drain system is out of whack, and it’s most likely due to a blockage in the vent pipe.

Odd Drain Noises

You can expect to hear a rushing noise when water drains out of a plumbing fixture. Belching, burping or gurgling sounds from some other part of the drain system are a clear sign of a vent problem that’s hindering the proper flow of water.

Flushing Issues

If the water doesn’t drain out of the toilet bowl completely when you flush or it’s slow to refill, the trap on the fixture is likely empty. This drop in flushing power is telling you that a vent pipe obstruction is causing a pressure imbalance in the drain lines.

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