Common Plumbing Problems to Address in Your HomeAny plumbing problem has the potential to ruin your day and damage your Indianapolis home. When common plumbing problems strike, you can use the following tips to help resolve the problem.

If simple do-it-yourself fixes don’t get your plumbing moving again, be sure to contact your local plumbing professional right away. A master plumber can get to the root of your problem, quickly make repairs and help prevent any future problems from occurring.

Solving Common Plumbing Problems

  • When your toilet won’t stop running, the flapper is often at fault. This rubber part can harden and wear out, so that it no longer forms a tight seal to stop the flow when your tank is full. You can get a new one at the hardware store, but sometimes, another issue can be causing or contributing to the problem. You can save both time and money by calling your plumber for expert troubleshooting.
  • Low water pressure may be taken care of by cleaning any limescale buildup blocking the tiny holes in the faucet aerator. Try this if both the hot and cold water are running slowly. If only one has low pressure, your plumber can inspect your entire plumbing system for pipe leaks and blockages. These often occur when tree roots grow into the piping or mineral buildup accumulates somewhere in your system.
  • If you have one slow drain in a sink, shower or tub, you may only need to use a flat-bottomed cup-shaped plunger to fix the problem. However, more than one slow drain can signal a venting problem. Among other areas, your plumber will check for and clear clogged plumbing roof vents, which can starve the pipe system of needed air. When plumbing air pressure is balanced, water will again flow (and drain) through your pipes at the proper rate.
  • If you notice gurgling, bubbling and/or a dry toilet, these symptoms may indicate a plumbing pipe ventilation problem or a leaking pipe in your system somewhere. Your plumber can diagnose the issue and make prompt repairs to prevent further damage to your pipes.

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